The First Sun

For a good few years around the turn of the last decade (2009-14ish) our band Anything Goes had a memorable residency in Hargadons. Friday nights. Move the big wooden table and pack 5 of us (including a drum kit) into the snug on the right just past the bar. Get the earplugs in. Ken, Eddie, Sinéad, Dave and I ready to rock. And like any good gig should do, it created its own twilight zone. I often wondered what unsuspecting visitors might think as they opened the door from a quiet street and were confronted with this immediate change of pace and atmosphere. The weekly renditions of Riverdance and House of Pain’s ‘Jump Around’ as Gaeilge, sending customers who really should have known better into various states of contortion around the pub. Our two singers entertaining but also slightly on edge, watching for an over-exuberant punter who could knock a mic stand into their teeth. Declan and Dave behind the

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Knowing your place

In 1991, Eric Clapton gave songwriter Will Jennings a verse of a song he had written, beginning with the following immortal words. ‘Would you know my name, if I saw you in heaven’? He asked Jennings to finish the song, because it was too close to the bone for him, having lost his 4 year-old son in a tragic accident months before. Jennings baulked at the idea, for similar reasons to the ones Clapton had for asking him. Jennings initially didn’t feel comfortable at the idea of finishing a song that was so personal to Clapton, but Clapton persuaded him and so Tears in Heaven came to be. Dave Flynn was our guest on In The Lamplight this week, and had some great stories about the likes of Paul Simon and Gary Moore as well as the various ways he had made music work for him as a career. He also uttered the following quote in relation to the job

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