Tuesday Trivia #8

The flat 7 chord is the subject of today’s Tuesday Trivia video – with examples of how it was used by The Beatles (many times), U2 and The Blues Brothers. I call this week’s contribution Tuesday Trivia #7 in the video – apologies for that!

It’s a unique type of chord – certainly one of the most common chords used outside of the usual suspects, and I’d be very surprised if it’s not the most common chord used that doesn’t begin on one of the notes of the major scale.

It’s not difficult to play, but recognising it can be a bit trickier – that’s why I wanted to give loads of examples in the video – hopefully it will become more familiar to you after you listen.

If you want to examine the chord in more detail, here is an article from sounsdscapes.info that really digs in to the history of it.

Finally, Hey Jude is one of the most iconic songs to use this chord – in fact it uses it over and over again in the famous outro or coda to the song. It is the featured song at the moment on pianowithkieran.com – which means you can find 6 questions on it to test your musical ear here, and a free video on how to play the melody on piano here.

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