Tuesday Trivia #7

Today we’re looking at melodies – comparing a great Michael Rooney one with a terrible Billy Joel one.

As mentioned in the video above, here’s Mr. Joel tearing his own melody apart.

And here’s Michael (on harp) playing Ómós do na Marbh with June McCormack on flute.

I had the pleasure of playing this tune with the Sligo Baroque Orchestra on last Sunday’s Informal Music Afternoon – you can see it here at 1:04:40.

Finally – the 4 elements mentioned in the video that I believe you need to make a good melody…

  • The range should somewhere between an octave and an octave and a half.
  • The melody should mainly move in steps, but with the odd leap.
  • There should be rhythmic and melodic repetition within the melody.
  • There should be a melodic climax, to which the melody builds, and from where it retreats afterwards.

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