Tuesday Trivia #6

No video today – just some short thoughts…

  • If you consider a key and the key of it’s flat note (so for example the keys of D and Db), the cumulative number of sharps and flats in both keys always adds up to 7.
  • The best way to improve at your instrument is not to miss a practice session.
  • The first 7 notes of the melody of Jingle Bells are the same. 6 of the first 7 notes of the melody of Winter Wonderland are the same. None of the first 7 notes of the melody of The Christmas Song are the same. Take from that what you will.
  • If you don’t get it in three takes, go home and practice.
  • It’s possible for the same singer to sing the same song in two completely different ways.

I'm Kieran and I play piano. Actually I do a bit more than just playing - I teach others how to play, and I write music, arrange it and host/produce shows.