The power of €100

Well-known musician Niamh Crowley was on the lookout for a Christmas present for her husband Robert. It had been a tough year in the music industry, but she had a precious €100 note in her pocket that she had been saving for this very purpose.

She walked into EJ Menswear and put the note down on the counter, telling Eamonn that she had this money to spend on her husband and wanted to have a look around the shop.

Eamonn, confident in his selling ability, had a word with Tommy – a loyal staff member – and took Niamh down the shop to have a look.

Tommy, as instructed, took the €100 note and took a stroll down the alley by Shoot The Crows, turned right along the river and dropped the note into Anthony Gray in Eala Bhán. Eamonn had bought vouchers there on credit for his staff to thank them for all their hard work during the pandemic.

Anthony’s restaurant had just reopened after months closed, and was grateful for the €100. You see he had bought cookbooks on credit from Liber Bookshop to see could he make the most of the time when his restaurant was shut and come up with some new ideas for his menu. He headed over to O’Connell St and settled his bill with Brian Caliendo there straight away.

Brian was delighted to see Anthony coming in, as he had brought his staff on a night out to Thomas Connolly’s at the end of the summer. He had been caught short on the night and owed Paul O’Donnell there €100 on his bar tab. He made the quick trip over to Holborn St and Paul, despite unfortunately being still closed, met him on the street and thanked Brian for the cash.

Paul knew he owed the Hawk’s Well Theatre €100 for a corporate sponsorship scheme so changed into his runners for the decent trek up across town and up Harmony Hill that he knew was ahead of him. He rang ahead, met theatre director Marie O’Byrne outside the theatre and gave her the €100.

Marie knew that her friend and colleague Niamh Crowley was heading into town to do some shopping today, so decided to meet her. When she heard she was in EJs, Marie decided to bring the €100 with her, as the theatre had purchased vouchers as a way of thanking some young musicians who had recently played there.

Marie placed the note on the counter, told Tommy there what it was for, and headed up the shop to see what Niamh had chosen. Unfortunately Eamonn didn’t have Robert’s size in the jeans Niamh liked, but told her to bring the €100 with her and come back next week and he would have them then.

This is how money can circulate around a town. No-one earned anything, but each business was €100 better off and could look to the future with more optimism.

Shop local this December.

**PS None of the above events are true.

I'm Kieran and I play piano. Actually I do a bit more than just playing - I teach others how to play, and I write music, arrange it and host/produce shows.