Eddie Van Halen and Johnny Nash…

There are so many great musicians out there that you can’t possibly know everything about them all. So sometimes when one dies, you get to know more about them than you ever did when they were alive, because of the media coverage surrounding their death, their life and their legacy.

One such musician was Eddie Van Halen. I knew he had a hit with Jump, and I knew he played the guitar solo on Michael Jackson’s Beat It, but otherwise I didn’t know much about him. So I really enjoyed these two articles about him that came to my attention in the last week.

You can always learn something from these guys. I love this quote – ‘it’s music theory, not fact’. Because lots of stuff can work in music, even when it differs from traditional music theory.

RIP also Johnny Nash- who possibly wasn’t as well-known as his biggest hit – I Can See Clearly Now.

There’s a lesson in that too.