Nostalgia with intent…

Looking back…

…over my shoulder…

…on the memory of…

…on when we first met…

3 famous songs with these words at the centre of them.

Because it’s a thing we like to do. I did it last week in one blog and I decided to do it again today.

Our digitized world makes it easier to do this – even if our Facebook memories have nothing for us on this particular day, we can look through our social media posts, email inboxes, time-stamped photos on our phone, and old messages.

I did so recently, and came across some interesting things. Taking yesterday’s date and looking back at what was happening on that day in previous years.

October 8 2019 for example.

Emails arranging rehearsal times with teenage musicians for Teenage Theme Night #18. It took place in The Model later that month and was a real party – with people bunched together having fun both on stage and in the audience. One year later and we don’t know when that will be possible again.

An email about rates due to the council. 1 year later and the council are giving us grants based on those rates we paid in order to help with the costs of restarting businesses that had to close.

OK so these are largely due to one big once-in-a-lifetime event that has affected the whole world.

But though we mightn’t notice it on a day to day basis, things do change, and sometimes it’s only by looking back that we see this.

October 8 2018 and I see a picture of an outing with Miss Mary’s Montessori to Eagles Flying. When I was there recently Lothar Muschketat, the man who gave us a presentation that day, told me he has now retired and has passed on duties to his son. Noticing how much my own son has grown up since the picture was taken.

A blog advertising a gig on New Year’s Eve in The Draft House. A gig that never took place because the place closed. It still is.

October 8 2016 and I’m sending demos of songs to Georgie Gorman, hoping he’ll come back with some better ideas. We haven’t performed those songs since that year.

Then back 10 years ago – October 8 2010 and I’m confirming a gig in another pub that is now closed – Kelly’s pub in Strandhill.

So the world moves on. Time waits for no man. We all know that.

But here are two ideas.

Firstly it’s worth taking the time to look back. It’s nice to remember events that happened, people we hung around with, how we were ourselves and how we have changed since.

Secondly though, if we are looking back, wouldn’t it be nice to see as full a picture as possible, not just what our digital footprint shows us. So maybe it’s worth thinking about how we can document things now that we will want to see in 10 years time.

I'm Kieran and I play piano. Actually I do a bit more than just playing - I teach others how to play, and I write music, arrange it and host/produce shows.