TTN #20 – Report on Night 1.

So opening night almost by definition is always a bit frazzled.

A lot to remember for everyone, especially last night when on top of everything we had all the new COVID protocols to observe. Someone said to me before the show that the theatres should be running the country. And if the preparations of the Hawk’s Well were anything to go by, I’d agree. They had thought everything through, down to nametags on the seats for the performers.

But when you get on stage to perform the aim is to clear all that from your head and stand there and deliver your best possible performance.

Which is easier said than done. Especially on opening night. In the COVID era. Even if you are dressed up. Especially if you are dressed up.

And at last night’s Teenage Theme Night as always a few performances stood out. Because on top of all of the above, this particular singer couldn’t make the rehearsal. So she was stepping on stage cold.

Not that you would have known it. Because despite all this she not only delivered a stunning new version of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, but she also had the presence and confidence to introduce the song in a natural and endearing way.

It’s what we all strive for, be it as musicians or in other fields – that you can be present in the moment and deliver your best when the time comes. Ellen showed us all how to do it last night.

PS I wrote this blog last month about a collaboration with Ocean FM on Theme Night #26, and how it secured a national radio award nomination in the category Irish Music Programme or Initiative. I heard last night after coming off stage that we won the silver award. Not why we did it but nice to be recognised all the same. Congrats to all involved – a lot of initiative was used by lots of talented people to make that show into what it became.