To-do Lists

It’s Sunday night. Thoughts turn to the week ahead.

Things to do. Maybe you decide to put some sort of order on them by writing a list.

Now you have a list. And if you’re lucky you will be looking forward to most things on the list. But quite possibly you won’t, and so you’re starting off the week on a negative note, with some sense of dread of the things you have to do in the coming days.

So maybe rethink your list slightly, and at the top of it put three things that you know excite you, or make you feel good. Even if these things weren’t originally on the list. Things that you will enjoy, be challenged by, or will genuinely look forward to. They don’t have to all be done on Monday – maybe space them throughout the week.

It might just put a new complexion on the days ahead, and maybe those tasks facing you will look slightly less grim.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash