Traffic choices

I took a drive today. And found this nice place.

But it wasn’t all rosy. We got caught in traffic along the way. And although Google Maps said we would be faster to wait in line until the traffic ran its course, we turned off and took a series of back roads.

Even though it would take 8 mins longer. According to Google Maps.

But we would be moving. We would feel better. Why? Because we felt we were in control again.

This behavior is interesting for anyone looking to motivate themselves or others. Because motivation is triggered when we make choices that give us the impression that we are in control.

The specific choice matters less than the fact that we have a choice. Like when we took the alternative route today. The idea of it taking longer mattered less than the idea of having a choice.

The feeling of self-determination got us moving today, just like it gets people moving to achieve different things every day of the week all around the world.

So next time you’re looking to motivate people, start by giving them a choice to make.

I'm Kieran and I play piano. Actually I do a bit more than just playing - I teach others how to play, and I write music, arrange it and host/produce shows.