The film crew

A film crew must be patient, attentive to detail, thorough. Usually the first there and the last to leave.

The star of the film shows up hours later, and if she’s on her game, will deliver a performance once. Maybe twice. And if the film crew are doing their job, that’s all they need.

One job takes very little time and gets all the glory. The other takes all day but rarely makes the headlines.

But for those who matter when it comes to making a film, each appointment is as important as the other, because you need both to make a great film.

Here is one of our film crews on location in Markree Castle earlier this week getting some shots for one of the videos in the upcoming Theme Night #27.

And they certainly deserve some recognition for the amazing job they are doing – so thanks to Rory, Drew and Rummy from TemperHound Productions – I’m looking forward to sharing their work with you all on July 16.

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