Be a one-buttock player!

There are two-buttock players, and there are one-buttock players.

Two-buttock players can play all the notes correctly but usually fail to connect with an audience.

Because while their finger movements may be accurate and technically correct, the music is not moving them sufficiently to budge them from a centred, upright, two-buttocks-on-the-stool position. And so this lack of passion comes through to the audience.

A one-buttock player on the other hand is excited, moved, sometimes even physically swayed by the music. It’s not only being played by their fingers but by their whole bodies. And the audience can sense this. And they want to be swept along too.

Be a one-buttock player – if not in body, in mind.

Thanks to Ben and Rosamund Zander and their book The Art of Possibility for bringing this distinction to my attention!

Photo by Nazar Yakymenko on Unsplash

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