The Teenage Theme Night Sessions…

I have been thinking about the students down to sit their Leaving Cert this June a lot over the last few weeks. It hasn’t been a great few weeks for them I’m sure.

The uncertainty about when/whether exams will take place, the postponement/cancellation of many fun events that happen as your time in school comes to an end, the various rites of passage that take place every other year but now might not happen as scheduled this year.

One such event (for the musically-minded among them anyway) is the end-of-year Teenage Theme Showcase which is due to take place on May 9 and 10 but is now unlikely to go ahead as planned. Our first preparatory workshop had taken place at the beginning of March just before things ground to a halt and the show was taking shape nicely. But we have now had to press a big PAUSE button and we don’t really know when we’re going to get to do it.

In the meantime however, I think it’s important to provide some sort of platform to help keep these teenagers singing and playing, and so tonight a new such programme will begin.

It’s called the Teenage Theme Night Sessions, and for the next while we will post videos three times each week related to various themes we have covered in these nights over the years.

And the big news is that it won’t just feature current Teenage Theme Night participants, but also past participants who are still involved in music in some way or other – and there are lots of them!

And we’re starting straight away this evening – this week it’s the theme for Teenage Theme Night #1 – from March 2014 – the 1960’s. The first video will be posted later.

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Oh and regarding my online piano tuition – this week’s Weekly challenge has just been posted…this week it’s 6 questions about the Baker Knight song made famous by Mr. Elvis Presley – The Wonder of You. You can find it here

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