‘Getting’ Music

I updated the ‘About’ section on my Facebook page earlier today. It now tells the full story of my history with the piano – how I firstly hated playing it, how I then fell in love with the instrument, and how the way I learned it has shaped the type of work I do today. You can read it here.

One man read this story before it was published and told me yesterday of how jealous he was of me and people like me who ‘get’ music.

I told him that I didn’t always ‘get’ it, and indeed that there are still aspects of it that I don’t ‘get’, but that it is certainly great fun figuring it out, and that he too could get on that road if he wanted.

And so next week I will launch an online tuition website – where for the first time from anywhere in the world you can access an extensive library of existing song-based tuition videos, with new ones added each week.

Such as this one, which teaches you how to play Fairytale of New York to 3 different standards.

Or this one, which does the same with Elton John’s Your Song.

The website is brand new, and will develop further as time goes on with more features to be added.

And so for now – if I’m being honest about the best way for people who are looking to ‘get’ music to learn, it would be to combine these videos with a course of adult classes I will be running again in January 2020. You can find out more about these classes here.

However these take place in Sligo, and if you’re not in Sligo it will be more difficult for you to attend.

So if you want to get in at the ground level with these effective videos, with a low price that will stay locked as long as you stay subscribed, then please send me an email to kieran@kieranquinn.ie to express an interest, or keep an eye on this blog next week when I officially launch the site.