I have written before about the context of a gig, and how important it is to match the music with the setting in which you play it to give it the best possible chance of working.

With that in mind, it’s exciting to be planning for my first gig in Anderson’s (since it became Anderson’s anyway). It’s on Dec 22, and Tabby Callaghan and I, along with a killer band and top class special guests (Jamie Callaghan, Sinéad Conway and Georgie Gorman confirmed so far), will present a show packed full of Christmas crackers.

Theme Nights 9-12 took place in this venue (under previous management) and there was a certain magic to them. What we do with the theme nights now wouldn’t work there, but at the time it was the perfect venue for them.

High quality sound, a great room, and a more informal atmosphere than a theatre with lots of room to dance. It’s going to suit what we do down to the ground and if you want to celebrate the start of the Christmas with the King of Crooniosity (!) and some of the best singers in town then it’s the gig for you.

Tickets here.