Say hello first…

I had an interesting conversation with a friend about leadership this morning. About leaders we admired, leaders we thought were effective but didn’t admire (e.g. Hitler!), and about the qualities and characteristics that made good leaders and indeed bad ones.

Then I met another friend later on who told of an encounter he had yesterday. We’ve all heard this one.

“X passed me on the street today and didn’t say hello”.

I hear this complaint fairly regularly and always have the same thought (I only express it if I know the person well) – which is – ‘Did you say hello to him/her’?

Usually the answer is no, which means the other person involved is possibly expressing a similar complaint to a friend of theirs somewhere else.

Say hello first. It’s a form of leadership. It opens up the world. It makes you feel good. It makes someone else feel good. It doesn’t take much. And what’s the worst that can happen?