“I’ll look after you”…

…can be taken to mean lots of different things.

It’s a phrase used regularly by salesmen – inferring if we buy what they are offering they will ‘look after us’ in some way – be that in terms of price, or the particular level of product they give us, or in some other way.

And if they keep their promise, it’s likely we will buy something from them again in the future, because it’s nice to be looked after, and nice to have a personal connection with someone who can sell us something we want. But they must tread carefully – because if they utter the words and then don’t adhere to them, they can leave a nasty taste in our mouths.

But you can be looked after even when you’re not buying anything. I was ‘looked after’ twice this morning. In a completely different way. Once in the hospital and once in a restaurant.

Because I got the feeling that the people with whom I was dealing really wanted to do what was best for me. To go the extra mile to make sure I was ‘looked after’. And that is also a nice feeling to have, and it also makes it more likely that I will return in the future (well to the restaurant anyway).

And the converse is also true – our customers, our students, our clients can tell when we are really trying to do the best thing for them, but also when we are going through the motions.

And if they feel that for too long, they will happily find someone else who will look after them.

So look after them!