I’m running for election…

And no it’s not April 1.

But my wife (who recently decided not to run for a particular election) was told today that there was strong word going around that I was going to take her place.

Honestly, it was funny to hear it. But sometimes people spread rumours about others that aren’t so funny. And it’s not so easy to laugh those ones off.

But the thing is – for every rumour you may hear about yourself, there are probably 5 other ones out there that you will never catch wind of. As humans, we like to talk about others – about me, you, them, everybody.

So what can we do about these rumours, hurtful or otherwise, that may be out there about us?

Absolutely nothing. What other people talk about is not in our control.

Only how we act is. And I am happy to report tonight that my actions over the next while will not include asking for your vote.