A good story

Everyone loves a good story. In fact I read the other day (not for the first time) that using stories in your writing will help get your point across. So here’s my story for today…

I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about how we all can miss out on all kinds of beauty and wonder. About how our minds can sometimes be closed to it when it appears in places we don’t expect to find it.

Specifically about two violinists. One who knowingly took part in a social experiment in a tube station in Washington DC, and one who busks sometimes outside Tesco in Sligo on a Saturday.

Thanks to some kind blog readers, I found out that the second violinist’s name was Tibor Bana and I got a phone number for him. So I rang him and asked him to play with Seamie and I last night in Connolly’s. Steve Kohlmann (drums) made up the quartet, which was fitting, as Steve had sent me a video of Tibor playing months ago, accurately describing him as a ‘monster’ – which is a compliment in music terms!

Tibor is Slovakian, and lives in Longford. He is classically trained, but has a love for the music of Django and Stephane Grapelli. So he plays a lot of stuff to a high standard. We hadn’t played together before last night, but as said in this blog many times before, when you find someone who speaks your musical language, that doesn’t matter. And Tibor spoke it loud and clear. It was a joy to hear him playing, especially on the swing stuff we did, and the excitement of playing with someone new (and good) came through in all our playing.

Seamie took out the fiddle for a while – it would have been rude not to introduce Tibor to some trad tunes (!), which of course he had no problem playing. Sinéad Conway joined us for a few numbers also, and again Tibor played a wonderful solo on her Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

So I hope you all enjoyed my story for today. Another magical Monday. We shall certainly do it again.

I'm Kieran and I play piano. Actually I do a bit more than just playing - I teach others how to play, and I write music, arrange it and host/produce shows.