Someday today’s music will be old…

The test of how well-written a piece of old manuscript is is whether someone can play it exactly as the composer intended hundreds of years later.

Whether the piece of music is memorable enough for anyone to want to play it hundreds of years later is another matter, but if they do, the manuscript has to be well-written, because most pieces of music written hundreds of years ago were never recorded.

Now we don’t have that problem. Anyone can record anything and it can be immortalized on Spotify or YouTube. No one has to write anything down because the melody, lyrics and chords will be there forevermore for anyone with a good ear to decode.

The problem now is different. Your music is up against the entire history of recorded music. Anyone can access anything, anytime, and so if your music is to break through it needs to be of a very high standard.

So you can be intimidated by that challenge.

Or you can start by making music that moves someone. One person. And give yourself some credit for that.

Because that’s why we make music. To move others. It doesn’t have to be played in hundreds of years time.

And sure – it would be nice if it was, but setting out with that aim means you’re almost certain to fail.