The problem with ranking…

So Ireland, as of today, for the first time ever are officially ranked the No. 1 team in world rugby.

The problem is that it doesn’t mean much. Because it’s two weeks before the start of the rugby World Cup, a tournament which decides for real who is the No. 1 team in world rugby.

But at least in sport we have a series of indisputable results when we are looking to rank teams against each other.

In other areas we don’t, but still people insist on ranking restaurants, colleges and businesses against one another.

The answer to the question ‘What is the best place to work in London’ is subjective. It depends on your priorities, personality , taste and many other variables. Yet some people insist on trying to answer this question and others like it by arbitrarily introducing an objective ranking system.

In two months time we will know whether Ireland are actually the best rugby team in the world. But we may never really know where is the best place to work in London is. And that’s fine by me.

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