171 weddings and counting…

Earlier today I played some music at the wedding of a friend of mine.

The priest delivering the sermon told us that today was his 171st time to officiate at a wedding.

He told me afterwards that he was ordained in 1978, so it averages out at not much more than 4 a year, and that a parish priest would actually have far bigger numbers.

But still – and he addressed this himself subsequently in the sermon – how do you prevent your message becoming stale or any less genuine the 171st time you deliver it? It’s a similar quandary for a musician playing 171 gigs, or a doctor seeing 171 patients, or an engineer recording 171 songs.

His answer? Make sure it’s you who delivers the message.

Now this may seem obvious, but if the message comes from you, the real you, then it will never get stale, because not only is each one of us unique, but people respond to someone when they are being genuine. And they know the difference.

Be authentic and true and not only will people not get tired of you, but you won’t get tired of yourself.

PS one of the songs I played today was The Luckiest – by Ben Folds – had forgotten how good his stuff was.

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