Bacon, Cabbage, Bread and Butter

For anything good to happen, you need someone to take charge and organise it.

The All-Stars gig on tomorrow night (Saturday) to round up another great Sligo Jazz week? Well it features twenty-something musicians in various combinations playing various versions of various tunes. And it will be great. But it will be a mess unless someone organises it.

Moving the enormous amount of gear this week from classrooms to venues and back when it’s needed? A huge job, undertaken by some of the legendary Sligo Jazz volunteers. But unless they organised it, the 100+ musicians and students here this week would have nowhere and nothing on which to play.

Last night I came across the Bread and Butter Sessions. Organised by two lads not too long out of school who go by the nicknames Bacon and Cabbage.

The lads have been part of both the teenage and the adult theme nights over the years and have taken it upon themselves to provide a platform whereby young musicians can perform original music on their own, or as part of a band, in front of their peers in a relaxed environment.


Because in school lots of things are organised for you. And then you get out of school and there’s nothing. Unless someone organises something.

So they did, and it was fantastic. New bands trying new songs out. People getting up to sing for the first time. The house band sounding really good. Front men and women learning how to work a crowd. The best way to learn. By doing.

Anyone reading this who would like to get involved go to Anderson’s next Thursday evening or contact the lads – their real names are Sean Callaghan and James McManus.

If you want something to happen, the best way to make it happen is to organise it yourself. Nice job lads.


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