Stevie Wonder doesn’t take it personally…

Despite Monday’s post, this blog isn’t in the habit of reviewing gigs.

And so I’m not going to wade into the discussion on the quality of the sound and the merits of DJ set at the Stevie Wonder gig last night. Not here anyway.


As my colleague Seamie O’Dowd said after the gig – ‘Going to see someone like Stevie Wonder is to a degree to pay respect to someone who has given so much to music as well to see a great gig’. And I was very happy to do so.

One thing that struck me last night though was the amount of audience chatter during one of Stevie’s ballads – You and I. It was off-putting for me in my attempt to enjoy one of my favourite songs of his, and I imagine it may have been off-putting for him.

I have certainly been in his position before when playing gigs – where you wish that certain members of the audience would shut up and listen to the song. Of course it depends on the environment, the nature of the gig, and the type of music you are playing, but audience chatter is a fact of life. It will happen.

When it does – you may as well deal with it like Stevie did – deliver a great performance anyway and if you happen to have written a key change and a powerful vocal finish to the song as he did just bide your time and blow them out of the water with it.

If it happens to Stevie frickin’ Wonder it can happen to anyone. Don’t take it personally.

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