Unsung singing heroes

These ladies are all part of the Theme Night Choir. All great singers in their own right, but they aren’t always as visible on stage as the lead performer who is front and centre. We featured them this weekend for the first time and they delivered a stunning performance of the aptly titled “How Can I Keep From Singing”. However our choir are the strongest contributors to the backstage vibe, creating an energy and an atmosphere among our group that is more important than any on-stage performance. And when you’re trying to build something positive, something meaningful and something that lasts, the input of these people is priceless. So if you don’t get chosen for the part, you don’t make the team, you don’t get the promotion, ask yourself how else can you contribute. Because people who do make great things happen.

Party time!

So I wrote a blog last summer about having fun at work. But last night it went one step further. I was part of a party. On stage. At work. There was one moment, during Jacob’s Ladder, where one guitarist and the banjo player stood up for the first time all night, grooving in sync, huge smiles on their faces, one doing so despite a dodgy knee. Another guitarist, the fiddle player and the accordionist were standing on the chairs while playing. I kept desperately trying to dance while playing the piano standing up but kept realising I couldn’t and had to sit down again. And this was in a theatre environment. I have never seen a choir dance so freely as ours did last night. And in the words of the director of the theatre/fiddle player/stage manager – “it was a party”. And it was a great party. And great parties make you feel good. But not every day

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Theme Night TwentyThreeve

This room is now empty. Except for a piano, a soon-to-be-packed away keyboard and stand, a leads bag, a chair, a couple of piano stools – and Chris Baillie’s gold jacket that has been here since the last theme night in February. The many musicians who packed it during an energetic rehearsal last night will testify to how different it was then. Full of instruments and voices, chords and harmony, regulars and newcomers. And that’s the thing – every room, every space, every moment has potential. It’s the thought, work and energy you put into it that can transform it from empty to full, from lifeless to vibrant, from silent to raucous. And so I’m happy to say that my blog is back. Not every day (for now anyway), but I’m excited to once again regularly take on the challenge of transforming an empty screen into a collection of coherent words. I look forward to seeing many of you this

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