Theme Night #23 – Bruce Springsteen: Live In Dublin

This album was recorded over the course of 3 concerts in what was then known as The Point – in November 2006 in Dublin.


One of my first piano students (he was about 18 at the time) went to the gig and he told me at our next lesson that it was the best gig he had ever seen. When the album came out the following summer I listened to it over and over again and fell for it.

The tour on which Springsteen was at the time of the recording was a new departure for him. He was without the E-Street band, promoting not his own music but an album he and a new band had made of old American folk songs made famous by Pete Seeger.

By the time the Dublin gig came around though, the last gig of a 7 month-long tour, the music had changed. The band had been gigging the songs for months, which not only tightened things up but tailored them to a live audience. The setlist also now included not only the newly-worked versions of the 13 songs on the album, but also new versions of some of Springsteen’s own songs, moulded in the style of this new band.

In Theme Night #23 – May 3&4 in the Hawk’s Well Theatre, we might not quite have a 17-piece band as Springsteen did, but we won’t be far off. We’ll have many different Springsteens though – male and female – which will bring it’s own twist to the music.

We’ll perform most of the songs from the Live In Dublin album, and will also explore the possibilities of reimagining some of his better known songs in this style.

Tickets go on sale this morning (Monday 11th) at 10am here, in person at the theatre, or on 071 9161518.

I'm Kieran and I play piano. Actually I do a bit more than just playing - I teach others how to play, and I write music, arrange it and host/produce shows.

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