Moments to remember

We had a wonderful weekend of Teenage Theme Nights. Record numbers of participants, record audiences, and hours of fun and musical memories for lots of young, and some not so young musicians.

In today’s blog I want to give you 3 moments that stood out for me – in no particular order.

1 – This pic is from Sunday – of the rehearsal before the show of Sweet Home Chicago.


What you can’t see, behind these 5 lads, are the astonished faces on me and my adult colleagues in the band, as we realised the lads had transcribed the original solos from the Blues Brothers track, and were playing them immaculately. Amazing stuff.

2 – Again a rehearsal moment. Lots of people made their theme night debuts this weekend, and the afternoon rehearsals – when the lights are on, and you’re performing for the first time in front of dozens of your peers, can be more daunting than the performance itself. One girl was so nervous that she stopped mid-song and ran off stage. She returned and finished her song, and the cheer she got – unprompted – from her teenage colleagues, many of who didn’t know her, was so generous and heartwarming. She went on to nail her performance that night.

3 – I will never tire of people finding their voice. This young lady, and many others this weekend, surprised their parents, their friends and sometimes even themselves with what they produced. Powerful stuff.


There are loads of great pictures of the night on my Facebook page – a big thanks to Iga Manulak and Steve Rogers for coming in and capturing the spirit of the evenings.

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