Do you like new stuff or regular stuff?

This podcast, through an almost 20 yr-old story about trying to sell new music (in a new, great-sounding format) to people, deals with the difference between people who generally like new stuff, and people who generally like the regular stuff.

It can be in relation to music, food, theatre, TV shows, right through to the use of technology in a football game but if you look deep enough, you’ll find that some people tend to go for the new thing most of the time, and others tend to go for the regular thing, the thing that everyone’s into, the thing that everyone’s doing.

There are more of the latter type, which means if you want something to break into a mass market, you need to start with the people who like new stuff, and make it so good that it slowly becomes regular enough so that people who like regular stuff will go for it.

The man in the above podcast failed in his venture because he incorrectly forecasted that the people to whom he was trying to sell would like to hear new music, whereas in fact they liked regular music, music they had heard many times before.

When we started the Teenage Theme Nights in 2014, only teenagers who were really into music got involved. There were less than 15 involved in the first one.

3 years later, in 2017 we had to put on a second show each time they came around to cater for the demand among performers, and next weekend for the first time we are putting on three shows, because the number of teenagers who want to be involved has risen to the point where we would be there until after midnight each night if we had to divide the number of participants across two shows.


Over the course of 5 years, it has slowly moved from something new to something more regular, something that many Sligo teenagers do, not just the ones who are really into music. This brings its own challenges (spare a thought for the band who have to learn an insane amount of songs for next week), but they are ones we are happy to deal with.

The vision behind these nights is to provide a musical education for Sligo’s teenagers in relation to performing to a professional standard. We hope to do this in a supportive yet challenging environment while creating a safe social outlet for them to meet other like-minded people and express themselves musically. I’m delighted that so many teenagers are now availing of the opportunity – I just wish they were around when I was growing up!

PS if you want to brighten up your January and experience what we have been up to…you can find tickets for next weekend’s gigs here.


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