And then what did you do?

A friend of mine recently sent me on this podcast – in which Alec Baldwin interviews Billy Joel.


They are of similar age, from similar backgrounds, and their shared life experiences lead to a engaging, insightful and funny interview.

Baldwin moves things along fairly quickly, often cutting across Joel asking ‘And then what did you do”.

And Billy Joel being Billy Joel, did lots of stuff, and has lots of interesting stories to tell about record deals good and bad, the albums he recorded, the songs he wrote, and the gigs he played.

And he sounds happy to tell them. He was 63 at the time of recording and can look back on a life of action, a life of doing.

The question wasn’t “And then what did you think about doing”, or “And then what did you really want to do but didn’t” – it was “And then what did you do”?

If you want to be able to answer that question with pride later in life, the doing must be done today.

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