Are you stealing or are you referencing??

Jack Stratton of Vulfpeck sent out a tweet yesterday, inviting followers to guess which drum track he was referencing in their latest release.

For any drum geeks (or anyone else indeed) who want to try and figure it out, I won’t give out the answer until the bottom of the blog.

If he didn’t tweet this however, could the drummer who played the original track accuse him of stealing his groove? Legally not, as only melody and lyrics are afforded protection under the law, but morally?

There is a fine line in music between stealing something and referencing it. Virtually every combination of notes, every groove, every chord progression has been used somewhere before, and since practicing what other musicians do is part of learning your craft, so the influences you pick up along the way are bound to find their way into your playing and composing.

I have no cut and dried 100% correct answer to the question posed in the title here. I guess when it comes down to it, only you know where you got your melody/chords/drum track from (and sometimes even you don’t), so as in other areas of life, if you are honest with yourself you won’t go far wrong.

PS here’s the answer…see if you can hear the similarities. Take a bow Liberty Devitto.

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