Eoin’s Poems

Like a limerick, an ‘Eoin’s Poem’ is a type of poem with it’s own distinct structure – in this case 4 stanzas of 4 lines with AAAA rhyming structure. The basic nature of this structure means that they’re difficult to take entirely seriously and it’s possibly for that reason that I have found myself strangely drawn to writing them.

Credit for them goes to Eoin McDevitt of the Second Captains podcast.

Anyway here’s my Eoin’s Poem for you all on the last day of 2018. Happy New Year.

Year in Review: Day 5.

In October, Michael Rooney, Niamh Crowley and I finally played a gig together after talking about it for years.

Playing Michael’s music in this context was a real highlight for me this year – he encouraged us to put our own stamp on it, and that made it all the more enjoyable.

Here’s Muinera from that gig.

Year in Review: Day 4.

September brought Theme Night #21 – Duets.

It was fun from start to finish – watching many new singing partners coming to terms with each other and working out how best to make the most of each others strengths.

Yvonne Cunningham and Emily Meades had never met before coming together for this performance – indeed they are of different generations and had very different musical influences I’m sure.

However it was amazing to watch them work each other out slowly but surely, to the point where they delivered a show-stopping performance of Sisters Are Doing it For Themselves, full of chemistry and attitude!


Year in Review: Day 3.

Year in Review: Day 3.

May brought out end of year Teenage Theme Showcase.

Emcee Ollie White chose Fiesta by The Pogues for our best of Irish theme and the energy from the ensemble he put together on the stage was electric.

Jan 2019 will bring Teenage Theme Night #16 – Musicals.

Year in Review: Day 2.

April brought Theme Night #20 – The Eagles.

Dean isn’t always available for theme nights, but when he is he usually blows it out of the water.

No exception here…here is his take on Don Henley’s Wasted Time.


Dean will be performing at Vicar St with us on Feb 7.

Year in Review: Day 1.

As promised…my blog will look at some of the musical highlights of the year over the next 6 days.

This video was recorded in March. The tune is a Seamie O’Dowd original, and is one of my favorites from our joint 2017 release Melodic Reflection.

This year we added John Joe Kelly (bodhran) and Cathal Roche (clarinet, saxophones) to our group and we were both delighted with what the lads bring to the ensemble.

We haven’t recorded with Cathal yet, but hope to in 2019.