Flight delays…

My flight was delayed over the weekend. By almost 4 hours. And for all that time we were sitting on the plane (well 2 planes technically since we had to move from our original one when it was deemed unfit to fly) which in turn was sitting on the tarmac. It wasn’t very pleasant but it was one of those situations about which you could do nothing so we just had to grin and bear it.


Sitting beside me was a younger man – maybe 30 or so. He had got the overnight bus to Dublin airport from Galway at 1.30am so was probably running fairly low on sleep. And on the far side of him was an elderly lady, also from Galway, who was finding the situation a little distressing.

Anyway, as soon as we first heard the news that we would have to switch planes (about an hour after we boarded), this guy says to the two of us with a cheeky smile – ‘well isn’t this a great way to start the day’? It was said with energy, with mischief, and for the next while he kept our spirits up, got the elderly lady some water, laughed and joked about the situation we were in, and generally made everyone realise that in the greater scheme of things, this actually wasn’t that big a deal.

There are many things you cannot control, but you can try and control how you react to them. It will make a huge difference to your journey through life.

I'm Kieran and I play piano. Actually I do a bit more than just playing - I teach others how to play, and I write music, arrange it and host/produce shows.

2 thoughts on “Flight delays…

  1. Well done Kieran . Makes you just step back from the situation that in life we have such a good life compared to so many other people in this world and that in the grand scheme of things when a delay like this happens yes it’s annoying but in the grand scheme of things it’s annoying be we can just get over it and carry on with our fortunate lives and lifestyle. Others aren’t so fortunate in life

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