Some air travel history

In 1958, for the first time, more passengers crossed the Atlantic in airliners than by ship. Economy-class fares were introduced, making it more affordable for people to use the service. Most passengers travelled in planes that made the crossing in 12 hours (with a refuelling stop), but soon 8-hour non-stop flights were achieved, which isn’t much slower than we do it today.

This was 55 years after Orville and Wilbur Wright made the world’s first controlled, sustained flight.


Changing the way people do things takes time and effort. Imagine the shift in attitudes that must have taken place in those 55 years in order to convince the masses to get into a tin box and then trust it and the pilot to fly them, thousands of feet above the ground, to a new place thousands of miles away.

We aren’t all going to convince billions of people to change the way they travel around the world, but we might be trying to convince people to come and see our gig, to buy a new product, or even trying to convince a child to go to sleep on his own at night

However it won’t always take 55 years either. If you’re ever discouraged, just think of the time, skill and effort of hundreds of smart pioneers and engineers all around the world who made today’s way of air travel possible. Then get back to work.

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