We’re getting the band back together…

From 2010 to 2014 every Friday night 5 of us played in Hargadons. We played songs from all our favourite artists, making medleys and new arrangements to keep things fresh. The pub was packed every week. The band became good friends, and thankfully still are.

Last night, a Friday night, we went back for a one-off gig. And it felt great. The friendly and familiar barmen. The snug that wasn’t built for 5 musicians that became our home. The familiar positions. The songs, the chords, the stops, the harmonies – we all marvelled at how well we could remember them – but that’s what weeks and years of playing together does. It felt like nothing had changed.


Until someone took out their phone and started videoing the gig.

It gave me a jolt, and for a while I couldn’t figure out why. But then I realised that in 2014 it wasn’t the done thing (in this pub anyway) to video gigs. And it wasn’t that I minded being videoed, it was just a sudden reminder that 4 years had passed, the world had changed, and time had marched on.

And it will keep doing so. So you may as well reunite with old friends, play good music, and every so often do something just because you know it will make you happy.



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