Farewell Theme Night #21

Some final thoughts about Theme Night #21.

Rather than uploading all the videos to Facebook this time, I decided to create a YouTube playlist of all Theme Night #21 videos and upload them there instead. It is far easier to search for things on YouTube and while the initial views may not be as high there as on Facebook, I believe in the long run they will be more accessible to more people in this way. Here is the link to the playlist, or just watch Joe Hunt and Sarah Crummy below and you can find it from there…

With Kris and Dominika Manulak, our regular videographers, I am working to do the same with all videos of all Theme Nights. We have at least 10 Theme Nights fully recorded at this stage and I believe it will be nice for performers and audience members alike to be able to search and look back in a user-friendly way. I will update you once more is done.

A nod to all our first-time performers – Máirín Mannion, Larry Gallagher, Siobhán O’Farrell, Niamh Keaveney, Sinead Keaveney, Olivia O’Hanlon, Katelyn Ressler, Sarah Middleton, Jodi Albert, Joy Feehily, Jessie Whitehead, Liam Gannon and Adrian Devaney. Also to Roddy Quinn, Farrah Fletcher, James Blennerhassett, Stephen O’Dowd and Ciaran McCauley who had performed in theme nights before but not for a while.

It was also nice to have a couple of original compositions performed – thanks to Seamie O’Dowd and Larry Gallagher for Rue Du Rory and Let’s Just Fall in Love.


Duets is one of the few themes we have explored that didn’t focus on either an artist or a genre, joining only Christmas (x2), Divas, Poets and Sport in that regard. Many thanks to John Kavanagh for suggesting it years ago and to Sinead Conway for nudging me towards it again back in April. It had huge variety and the audience responded to that.

So many highlights – for me I’ll always remember the note Eoin and Aileen hit on ‘knees’ – here (2:32). Wow. Two voices as one – the essence of a duet I guess.

That’s it – no more theme night talk for a while – see you in Vicar St on Feb 7 next year!

I'm Kieran and I play piano. Actually I do a bit more than just playing - I teach others how to play, and I write music, arrange it and host/produce shows.

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