I had the pleasure of playing some music at the launch of this man’s new book last night.


In my eyes he is a role model, a hero to all creative types out there. Apart from his food, which underpins everything he does, I also love the messages he gives out.

He is passionate about where he comes from, and demonstrates that by not only choosing to base his restaurant in his home town of Blacklion, but by hiring local staff and buying produce from local suppliers.

He is committed to excellence but also reliability, to building a good reputation – one meal at a time. Neven is so consistent, even his name is spelt the same forwards and backwards. Yet he is not afraid to be creative with his menus and try new things.

Finally, and to his eternal credit, despite working in an industry where rudeness and insulting behaviour is sometimes celebrated, he has proven you can be successful in a different way. His generosity is legendary, and his respect for those with whom he works and indeed for all people was clear to see in his manner last night.





2 thoughts on “Neven

  1. Well said Kieran!

    He is a pure gent, as are you. One of my most memorable meals ever was in his restaurant in Blacklion. (With your gorgeous wife in attendance as an added bonus!)
    Keep doing what you are doing.

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