Give us a clue…

_ a _ a _ a.

Imagine the above letters are written on a sheet of paper, and you are asked to fill in the blanks to make a word. I can immediately think of three solutions – a popular yellow fruit, a large desert, and a Japanese brand of piano.


Three words that mean very different things, but are all ways of solving the problem. I’m sure there are many more of which I haven’t thought too.

Now consider a different scenario. You have the same letters in a crossword, but also one of my three descriptions above as a clue. There is now only one correct answer.

It’s like the difference between a Maths exam and an English exam in school. In Maths there is only one correct answer, in English there are many different ways of answering the question.

Some people people like black/white situations, others prefer when there are more possibilities.

There’s no point choosing a life full of tasks in which you have to find the correct answer if your mind is more open and creative. Likewise if your job is to explore possibilities, to try new things, when all you want is to find the one right way of doing something, you need to change.

It’s worth thinking about where you sit on this spectrum. It will help you with some important decisions in life.




2 thoughts on “Give us a clue…

  1. Hi John!
    Cheers for your comment.
    Would you believe that thought went through my head yesterday as I was writing the blog and I said I’d save it for another day’s writing.
    Very true though.

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  2. Nice little article Kieran. I’ve always been the person who likes the problem with one correct answer. However, there are many ways to get to the same answer and its a matter of finding the best and slickest one. Creativity and colour can be found in every subject, even the black and white ones 🙂

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