When I’m 64.

“Will you still need me, will you still feed me…”


Part of what makes this a great song is that a 25 year-old Paul McCartney could put himself in the shoes of a 64 year-old and imagine the things that would be important to him at that age. I’m sure that 64 seemed an awful way off for him at that point but time moves on, the years go by, and now the song is 51 years old and he’s 12 years older than 64.

“The future doesn’t be long coming around”.

I heard a sports journalist say this on a talk show yesterday when criticising the FAI for the lack of good Irish soccer players coming through. The current head of the FAI, John Delaney, has been in his role for 13 years, and as the journalist said, the boys who were 10 year-olds when he took the job are now 23, the prime age to establish yourself as an international soccer player. There are none though.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today” – old Chinese proverb.

Today is the best time to start what you have been putting off. Today is the best time to begin making the plans you have always wanted to. Because soon it will be tomorrow. And then one day you’ll be 64.

Today, this blog is 64. 64 consecutive daily blogs. Thankyou to everybody who has read it, to everybody who has commented on it online or offline to me.

And soon tomorrow will be today, and it will be time to write number 65, but not till today is over. And there’s a lot to do today.

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