I have this new tool. I don’t even know what it’s called, but it makes me feel invincible against the weeds in my garden. Even it can’t get every weed though.


There are some that you just have to get down on your knees, manoeuvre your fingers into the right position, fiddle around for a while until you have some purchase, and then slowly but surely…pull.

But what a feeling when it comes out – that contentment, satisfaction, sometimes even a thrill because you know – whatever about the other ones, that particular weed won’t be annoying you ever again.

Weeds exist in our minds too. Things that clutter our headspace, things that prevent our creative and important thoughts from flourishing. They’re not as easy to see as garden weeds, but it’s important to be able to identify them.

It could be the anticipation of your phone pinging on the table beside you, an interaction that left you feeling restless, a dreaded job that needs to be done.

Unfortunately, like garden weeds, once you get rid of one, there will usually be another one to come and take its place.

However, for those hours of the day when you’re doing something really important, you need to clear your mind. Sometimes it will be easy, other times you will have to get down and dirty and take some time to find the root of this mind-weed.

Do it though. It’s worth it.

One thought on “Weeds.”

  1. Love this 💕

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