Are you ready?

Traffic lights in the UK are different to those in many other countries. Between red for stop and green for go, there is a red and amber combination which means get ready to go.


Because of it, the first car is ready for the green light and hence gets through it faster.

Because of this, more cars get through each green light and traffic moves more efficiently.

There are some gigs where you have to be ready to start the next song as soon as the current one finishes. It means you have to start thinking about the next song while still playing the one you’re playing. Sometimes difficult, but the gig moves more efficiently and it’s easier for you to hold the audience’s attention as a result.

Being ready for a rehearsal means knowing your music before it starts.

You’ll get more done in your week if you’re ready for Monday morning by the time you go to bed on Sunday.

Are you ready?


I'm Kieran and I play piano. Actually I do a bit more than just playing - I teach others how to play, and I write music, arrange it and host/produce shows.

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